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What can Slots Intel Offer publishers.

Slots Intel pride themselves on helping iGaming affiliates, operators, writers and designers to have access to the highest quality slots content available in the industry, to help them maximise their marketing efforts and achieve higher revenues as a result.

You can register your publisher account for FREE and you will then gain access to the data from a limited number of slot developers to assess the quality of the data. Once you are comfortable that Slots Intel can help your publisher business succeed, there are a number of different subscription options as can be seen below.

You can also get a discount of 20% if you subscribe to our sister site Casino Intel at the same time. If you do subscribe to both then you will get a single login for convenience.

You can pay for your subscription in a couple of minutes online or if you are looking for a corporate deal and access to our API then we will arrange payment via invoice.

As well as providing publishers with searchable and filterable raw data on many of the best slots in the world, we also allow access to all the images and video content you require to market the games as effectively as possible.

  • Logos
  • Feature Images
  • Reel Symbols
  • Game Info
  • Gameplay Videos
  • Demo Videos

Our Best Packages

Publishers, you can see the best packages available here!


£25 / User / Month*

10 Users SAVE 50%
  • Includes API access
  • Bulk data export
Get enterprise plan £6000 £3000 charged every 12 months
*Based on using all 10 user accounts

£33.33 / Month

SAVE £200 SAVE 33%
  • Lowest single user price
  • Asset download tools
Get 12 month plan £600 £400 charged every 12 months

£41.66 / Month

SAVE £50 SAVE 17%
  • Big savings
  • Asset download tools
Get 6 month plan £300 £250 charged every 6 months

£50 / Month

  • Most flexibility
  • Asset download tools
Get 1 month plan
£50 charged every month

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