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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

A selection of the most commonly asked questions.

Once you have subscribed to Slots Intel as a publisher you will gain access to content from some of the world’s top games development companies. This content includes the usual game sheets/documentation, image files and video files that you would expect to find in a developers client area but importantly because we populate a database with every data point this makes the content exceptionally easy to navigate and find what you need with the minimum of fuss.
Slots Intel provides a platform that enables game developers to easily distribute their games content to iGaming publishers across the world. The system is exceptionally quick and easy to use and ensures that they can get the correct, accurate information to publishers using the service. For ease of getting started we can upload your full back catalogue in bulk and it only takes a few minutes to upload the details of a new slot release in order to get the information to publishers to promote your games.
For all of our publisher subscription packages we use PayPal to make the subscription process and access to Slots Intel as simple as possible. This is with the exception of the Corporate subscription which can be paid either via PayPal or via invoice, which you can select when taking that particular plan. For pricing, please see further details on our Pricing page.
At Slots Intel we believe that our service should be free for developers to enable them distribute their content effectively to the publishers in the iGaming industry, without incurring unnecessary costs to do so.

"What’s not to like about the opportunity to very efficiently get our game content in front of publishers in the industry for FREE!"

- David Newstead, CEO, Probability Jones

Yes! At Slots Intel we want to demonstrate to you just how useful our system will be for you, as a publisher, in helping to provide you with great slots content. So, when you register a publisher account you have the option to select ‘Free Trial’ which will give you access to the content of 20 slot games in order to assess the quality of the content provided.
No matter what paid subscription plan you decide to take, on the day of expiration your account will revert to ‘Free Trial’ access where you only have access to 20 games. If you wish to renew your subscription you will of course regain access in line with the plan you have selected.
If you have any questions for us that haven’t been answered then feel free to get in touch via our Contact page. Alternatively you can email us on and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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